Professor Sergey Zanko, Head of Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Vitebsk State Medical University:


Desired child brings his parents joy.

Modern obstetrics and gynecology is a constant search of new and perfection of known medical technologies. In the whole world such developments are very science-intensive and accordingly expensive. Sometimes it is a matter of many hundreds of thousands of euro. This concerns the development not only of medications and medical instruments, but also of devices and equipment. In this field Simurg is a unique enterprise, one of the few in the CIS which successfully works in the medical field for almost 20 years. The result of work is the industrial manufacture of necessary and high quality products for obstetrics and gynecology. Several aspects are very important:


  • First — the quality of Simurg products doesn’t yield to the quality of products of the best world manufacturers,

  • Second —the principle of import substitution (reluctance to purchase foreign analogues) is put into practice,

  • Third — Simurg products are accessible for all layers of population.


Thanks to Simurg in Belarus there are modern intrauterine contraceptives (IUDs) which people often call spirals. The implementation into practice of the development of our Chair — differentiated approach to the choice of intrauterine contraceptive means has allowed Belarusian gynecologists and women to use the method of intrauterine contraception more widely and efficiently. At the present time from 20 to 40% of women prefer the spirals to all other contraceptive means. From the medical point of view it is very important that the medical doctors know very well all the peculiarities of use of IUDs, and we know how to prevent and approach complications. From this position hormonal contraceptives still bear some secrets, the consequences of long-term administration of antifertility agents which comparatively not a long time ago started to be used widely in the world are still unknown.


The improvement of demographic situation in the country is closely connected with the care of the birth of healthy children. A healthy mother is a healthy child - is a common knowledge. But if a woman makes 2-3 abortions and then plans to become a mother, she risks not only her health, but also the health of her child. A baby has much higher chances of becoming infected or being born premature. I am convinced that modern civilized woman cannot count on “sheer luck” in the question of prevention of pregnancy. Besides there are all possibilities of not using abortion as a method of contraception.


A couple of words about the prevention of premature delivery. This problem never loses its relevance. One of the numerous reasons of premature delivery is the incompetence of cervix uteri. About 10 years ago we widely used the method of surgical treatment of this pathology, now we successfully use disposable obstetrical pessary. This device is developed and manufactured by “Simurg”.


It appeals to me that a Belarusian enterprise has started to manufacture single-use sets of instruments for gynecological examination. It is important for our women to feel comfort and protection during their visit to gynecologist.


And in conclusion I will repeat once again a healthy mother is a healthy child, and health is a very wide and multi-sided concept which includes the care of a woman about herself, the work of medical doctors and the work of Vitebsk enterprise “Simurg”.

Enjoy good health!