юнона симург


Trade mark Yunona

The products with the trade mark “Yunona” are well- known to obstetricians-gynecologists. During the last 20 years intrauterine contraceptives, pessaries и instruments for obstetrical and gynecological practice «Yunona» have earned a good reputation and acknowledgement among the doctors as well as the trust of women. The choice of the trade mark is no coincidence.

Yunona (from Latin "Iuno"), in Greek mythology Hera (from Greek "Ἥρα"), is an ancient Greek and ancient Roman goddess, a faithful and loyal wife of Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology). According to the legend this goddess was born on Samos island. Yunona is a model of antique beauty. This goddess has gorgeous hair and big wide open eyes. In ancient Greece and Rome she was honoured as one of the supreme Gods. The Temple in the honour of this goddess in Olympia is much more ancient than the Temple of Zeus. In ancient Rome Yunona was considered the goddess of marriage and birth, of maternity and femininity, the keeper of the family. In honour of this goddess in named the month of June. Ancient Greeks and Romans considered that each woman has her own Yunona inside.

Trade mark “Yunona” has united in it the classical beauty and expediency with modern quality and comfort.